Daniel 2 Devotional Commentary

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Daniel 2:18

Prayer is one of the most important tools in the armoury of the righteous man, and the prophet Daniel is a wonderful example of a man of prayer. But if prayer is to be effective, it should come from a heart that is humble before the Lord, dependent upon Him, and ready to recognise that there is an ongoing need to approach the throne of grace in good times as well as in days of difficulty and danger.

Prayer should not only be a

Daniel 2:20

King Nebuchadnezzar had an astonishing dream about a great statue with a head of gold, chest, and arms of silver, a torso of brass, legs of iron, and feet that were made up of iron mixed with miry clay. You can imagine the wave of horror that rippled through the land when the king commanded that unless the wise men of Babylon told him the dream and also interpreted its meaning, they would all be brutally executed!

Daniel and his

Daniel 2:34

What an impossible challenge king Nebuchadnezzar gave his wise men. They were commanded to tell him details of a troubling dream he had had and reveal its meaning. The king could not recall the dream but insisted that any failure to disclose it, and provide an interpretation, would result in the death of all his wise men and soothsayers, which included Daniel and his three Hebrew friends - Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.

The wise

Daniel 2:38

The redemptive plan of God and His purpose for mankind is the most thrilling tale ever to be told. It is a true story that spans the history of the world. It brings into focus heroic men and godly women. It gives us an understanding of the evil schemes of the satanic realm and their attempts to counter God's plan of redemption. And it helps to identify the wicked characters in the ongoing angelic conflict - a spiritual war between God and Satan, that has been read more...

Daniel 2:44

The Lord caused Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon, to have a prophetic dream which greatly disturbed him. However, he was unable to call it to memory and insisted that unless his wise men and soothsayers told him his dream, together with its interpretation, they would all be killed.

God revealed the king's dream to His faithful servant, Daniel, who was a noble young man who had been captured during the Babylonian read more...