What Does 1 Thessalonians 5:2 Mean?

For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

1 Thessalonians 5:2(ESV)

Verse Thoughts

The Thessalonian Christian knew all about the coming day of the Lord, which was to be a time of great trouble for Israel, when God's wrath is poured out on a Christ-rejecting sinful world, and there are many prophecies in the Old Testament that foretell of this future time of judgement. But like us, they were unaware of the timing that this event, only knowing that it would descend upon an unprepared world, as a thief in the night, for as the Lord Jesus reminded believers in the first chapter of Acts, it is not for us to know the times and the seasons, which the Father has ordained by His own power, but we are to be watching for our Lord's return.

We are all reminded in many passages in Scripture that we must be watching and waiting in expectation for Christ's any day return, knowing that this terrible time of tribulation, which will overtake an unbelieving world who are walking in darkness. But it should not come as any surprise to those that trust in God and are looking for the blessed Hope, and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We may not know the time that the God the Father will send God the Son to rescue His bride, (the Church), from the wrath that is to come but we have His promise that we are not appointed to wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, when our perishable body will put on the imperishable, and our mortal body will put on immortality.

Like the Thessalonian Christian we know that coming day of the Lord is fast approaching, so let us be watchful and vigilant, and live a life that is pleasing unto the Lord.. in eager expectation, of Christ's any-day return, for we know that day is fast approaching.

My Prayer

Father, thank You that we who have trusted Jesus as Saviour are not appointed to wrath but to be rescued from the time of tribulation that will come on an unsuspecting world as a thief in the night. May I be ready and prepared for that glorious day when Christ comes to rescue His bride, and takes us to be with Himself into heaven, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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