Ruth 2 Devotional Commentary

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Ruth 2:2

Ruth is a captivating story where extreme hardship caused two bereft widows to exercise faith in God. It is a true story that shows how the Lord graciously provided for them in many different ways, and testifies to His goodness and grace.

Not only does it provide a peep into Israel's past history and the interesting way provision was made for widows, orphans, and other impoverished people, but it provides a beautiful picture of read more...

Ruth 2:3

God took steps to provide for His people from the beginning. He placed Adam and his wife in a beautiful garden. He sent a flood to protect Noah. He provided manna in the wilderness and water from the Rock for His people Israel, and He prepared the Seed of the woman - the promised Son of Abraham, Who would shed His blood as the purchase price for the sin of the whole world. 

One measure the Lord took to protect and provide for His read more...