Philemon 1 Devotional Commentary

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Philemon 1:4

We are exhorted to pray; to keep on praying, to pray continuously, and to pray on many occasions. But as we look at the many places in Scripture that encourage us to pray, it is often prayer for brothers and sister in Christ. To pray joyfully and to give thanks that they have come to an understanding of the truth. To pray earnestly that they may grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. To praise God for the deep faith, read more...

Philemon 1:6

What a beautiful opening prayer we discover Paul writing to his beloved friend from his restrictive prison cell, and what wise instructions he gave - wisdom we all need to heed.

Paul was praying that his dear friend Philemon would be an effective witness as he shared his faith with others. He further prayed that he would come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the incredible riches of God's unfathomable grace that are read more...

Philemon 1:7

Philemon was a wealthy man from Colossae who came to faith in Christ through Paul's ministry and became a beloved friend of the apostle. Local believers met in his home and like many prosperous people in the Roman empire, Philemon had a number of slaves. One of his servants was called Onesimus, who stole money from his owner and fled to Rome to escape the consequences of his crime.

Paul was already in Rome awaiting his own trial, read more...

Philemon 1:9

How blessed we are to have brothers and sisters in Christ, who refresh our soul and encourage our heart. Paul was a man who appreciated his Christian friends and also showed great love and affection for fellow believers. His short, personal letter to Philemon, is a beautiful example of the high value he placed on fellow-believers and his companions-in-Christ.

The

Philemon 1:11

Tucked away at the end of Paul's main epistles, is a little letter to a dear friend and brother in Christ - Philemon. Paul's main purpose in writing was to intercede for a slave called Onesimus who had run away from his duties in Philemon's household.

Slaves who absconded from their duties could expect an icy-cold reception, severe punishment, or even worse, read more...

Philemon 1:21

This little communication from Paul, is a personal plea from the apostle to a wealthy, Gentile, slave-owner, who lived in the city of Colossae. He was writing to Philemon, from his first prison incarceration in Rome.. in connection with a bond-servant called Onesimus, who had recently trusted Christ for his salvation.

Before his conversion, this slave had run away from his Christian master - Philemon, and the epistle which was read more...