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Lamentations 1:1

Lamentations 1:1

Lamentations can be described as the continuing narrative of the book of Jeremiah, where for 51 chapters, the prophet predicted Jerusalem's downfall. The 52nd chapter records the terrible defeat of the holy City, when Nebuchadnezzar, the mighty king of Babylon, burned the city and the sanctuary. 

The Chaldeans laid siege to Jerusalem for many years and defeated Zedekiah, the ungodly king of Israel who did evil in the sight of read more...

Lamentations 1:12

Lamentations 1:12

Although Lamentations was probably written by Jeremiah, no specific author is identifiable, giving everyone who was affected by the Babylonian siege of the Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple, and the deportation of the people, an opportunity to identify with the intense grief of the author and to lament the sorry state of the people of God.

The opening section describes the solitary condition of the formerly majestic city read more...