3 John 1 Devotional Commentary

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3 John 1:2

It sounds as if Gaius, to whom John addressed this little letter, was a dearly beloved disciple of the Lord Jesus. He sounds as if he were advancing in years, because John refers to Him as 'Gaius, the Elder' and yet it is likely that this elderly gentleman was brought to faith in Christ through the ministry of John himself, for in addressing him, the apostle writes: "I have no greater joy than this – to hear of my children walking in the truth."


3 John 1:4

The apostle John must have been advancing in years when he wrote this third, brief epistle to his beloved friend Gaius, whom he loved so dearly. Unlike some other followers of Christ, this man of whom the apostle John spoke so warmly was being a faithful witness to the truth of the gospel, and he was walking in spirit and truth. The actions and attitude of this man towards his fellow believers as well as strangers that crossed his path, reflected the lovely Lord read more...

3 John 1:11

John's brief correspondence to the beloved Gaius, must have given this Christian brother great encouragement. Gaius was a mature believer in Christ who walked in sincerity and truth, as led by the Spirit of God. And John, the elderly apostle, rejoiced with great joy that Gaius.. who was obviously his 'son in the faith', was walking in spirit and in truth.

John rejoiced to receive good tidings of this Christian brother, who was read more...