What Does 1 Corinthians 2:15 Mean?

But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one.

1 Corinthians 2:15(NASB)

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The Corinthians Christians had some serious misunderstandings about Paul's message and ministry, which gave rise to division within the church, immoral activities among its members, a selfish, self-serving attitude, and the stunting of their spiritual growth. The divisive, self-seeking behaviour of these carnal believers, dishonoured the Lord and was destructive to the Body of Christ.

Although positionally sanctified, they were living an unsanctified, fleshly life, which was more reminiscent of their pagan neighbours than godly men and women of faith. They had reverted to spiritual infancy and needed to be brought back to the simple yet staggering message of the Cross, with its focus on Christ and call for a holy life of self-sacrifice, prayer, and praise.

They needed to be reminded that spiritual revelation and the Christian faith must not be based on the human wisdom they appeared to honour, but on the power of God and His perfect, holy wisdom and Word. Instead of behaving like unsaved man, with their carnal cravings and proud imaginings, they ought to be spiritual believers; growing in grace, maturing in the faith, and living in a manner that pleases God, as should we!

He reminded them of their position and privileges in Christ and that they had the indwelling Holy Spirit, Whom the world does not know. The unsaved have no access to Him nor the capacity to understand Him. These divisive, argumentative believers were displaying worldly characteristics and not the Holy Spirit Who is from God.

The natural man, who is without the Spirit, acts like this. The natural man does not accept the things that come from Him. They regard such truths as foolishness because spiritual things can only be discerned through power of the Holy Spirit. But the Corinthian Christians had become so ungodly that the indwelling Holy Spirit was grieved and unable to function as He desired in their lives.

In criticising their carnality, condemning their behaviour, and comparing their worldly attitude to the unsaved, Paul is paving the way to remind us that we are a Temple of God. We have the indwelling Spirit of God and, under His guidance, should be in a position to examine, investigate, and inquire into difficult questions and discern all things because we are spiritual men and women.

Being born of His Spirit gives us access to godly wisdom from above, and as spiritual men and women, we have the capacity to appraise all things. As spiritual beings with a God-given ability to 'judge all things' Paul expands this truth: "He who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one." As Spirit-directed beings, no one has the authority to judge our spirituality, even though they may criticise and mock us. 

It is by faith that we have the indwelling Spirit of God, and should appraise ourselves to see if we are in the faith, walking in spirit and truth, growing in grace, and maturing in our Christian witness. And as believers, we not only have the Spirit of God in our heart, but the written Word of God in our possession, which is living, powerful, and will guide us into all truth. Each one of us should be capable of inquiring and scrutinising the Word of Truth to understanding its content and apply it in our lives so we can appraise all things, are appraised by no one, and understand many mysteries of God which are revealed to us, whilst hidden from the world.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, what a great joy and privilege it is to know that my body is a temple of God. By the power of Your indwelling Holy Spirit, I am enabled to judge all things and be appraised by no one. Keep me low at the Cross and ever open to the leading and guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Prevent me from being enticed into the ways of the world or influenced by human wisdom. Guide me into all truth, I pray, as I stand firm on the unchangeable Word of Truth, and may the mind of Christ dwell in me richly. This I pray in His holy name, AMEN.

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