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1 Kings 8:9

1 Kings 8:9

After the death of David, his son, Solomon, took the throne of Israel. Solomon was the man whom God permitted to build Him a Temple, and in the early chapters of First Kings, we read of its construction. We hear how timber from the cedars of Lebanon was shipped from Tyre, and discover that great blocks of stone were prepared in the quarries of Israel.

The exquisite craftsmanship of the gold furnishings in the Temple are read more...

1 Kings 8:20

1 Kings 8:20

The dedication of God's Temple was the crowing achievement of Solomon's reign and a glorious time in Israel's history. A detailed description of its construction and furnishings, its decorations, and the building materials used, are given in the early chapters of first Kings. The huge laver supported by twelve bronze oxen, the ornamental pillars at the entrance, the table of gold, the lamp-stand of pure gold, and many other beautifully fashioned articles were read more...